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Legrand’s Products Provide Dynamic and Scalable Solutions for Commercial Office Spaces

Legrand recognizes that our buildings need to be as intelligent and efficient as the people who occupy them. With digital lighting controls, outdoor power, plug load control, audio video, cable management, and data center solutions, Legrand can help transform your commercial office.

Keep your business running smoothly with AV solutions that create exceptional boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces, workspaces and digital signage. Whether you’re live streaming a shareholder meeting, sharing a presentation, or getting together for an impromptu huddle meeting, Legrand AV brands have designed and manufactured whole system solutions for corporate applications.

Outdoor power solutions enhance the way visitors and employees think about your exterior space. With outdoor charging stations, including solar charging options and our powerful ground box, adding outdoor power solutions to your commercial office campus has never been easier.

With motorized shading from Legrand, strike the perfect balance of natural and electric light. Our fully customizable window shades offer a perfect solution to maximize daylight in your commercial space.

Achieve optimal energy performance for commercial offices, and optimize office productivity with Wattstopper lighting controls that are simple, flexible, scalable, and energy code compliant out-of-the-box. For use in conference rooms, lobbies, open offices, breakrooms, restrooms or private offices, Wattstopper lighting controls assist in creating high-performing spaces with occupants in mind.